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House System  

The whole school is divided into six houses  namely Ved House,Upnishad House,Rig House,Yajur House,Sam House and Atharva House and each house has a House Leader and Asst. House Leader, House Representative headed by a group of teachers. All the houses shall perform the following duties by rotation.

  • To conduct the morning assembly.
  • To collect and prepare news o International, National, School and Sports events and also write a thought of the day on the blackboard meant for the purpose.
  • ​To deliver the thought in the form of a short speech in the assembly.
  • ​To check the latecomers and mark in the diary.To help in maintaining order and discipline during the recess period.
  • To look after the general cleanliness of the school.
  • To check the students uniform.
  • To participate enthusiastically in all intra-house and inter house contests.
  • To be proud of own house and always work for its healthy tradition.
  • To help in maintaining discipline on occasion of school functions.
  • To help the school authorities in organizing various school functions and making suitable arrangements for them.
  • To contribute effectively to the beautification of the campus.


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